Microsoft Word Document Map allows you to navigate the document quickly while keeping the track of your original location in the document. It is a separate pane, on which
you can view all the document  headings in a list. But sometimes, the use of Document Pane proves unsafe for your documents. It might corrupt them or possibly bring them to the corruption state that would otherwise not have occurred so quickly. If you find your documents corrupted due to use of this tool, it is advised to restore from backup or repair them using Word Recovery tools.

As an instance, you might observe that the font in Document Map unexpectedly grows or shrinks. The pane doesn’t display the actual font.


The above symptom is usually exhibited when the use of Document Map has started corrupting the document. This occurs because Document Map uses guesswork in order to append outline levels to the document paragraphs. Regardless of the fact that the document contains headings or not, document map applies outline levels to all document objects that it considers as headings, generally short. So, if a document doesn’t contain any heading, it might result into random text appearing in table of contents. This behavior can spoil the complex numbering schemes that the document uses and hence corrupt the document.


Consider these measures to solve such problems:

Instead of using Document Map, you can better use Outline View. It is tool that allows you to view all the document headings collapsed to desired heading level.

If you still find Document Map useful, you should backup all your documents regularly.
To restore the damaged document, use your backup that allows you to achieve complete data restoration. If no clean file backup exists, use a powerful word repair application to scan and repair it.

Word Recovery applications use commercial tools that use safe scanning algorithms to scrutinize a damaged word document and repair it. These tools are equipped with powerful document repair technology and provide self-descriptive interface to work with. You can use these utilities in any case of document corruption.

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery is the most suitable utility that repairs and restores damaged Word documents. It is a comprehensive doc repair application that supports Word 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. The software restores all file objects and gives graphically rich user interface. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT.