Recovery Steps : To repair corrupt / damaged .doc or .docx files using Stellar Phoenix Word Repair


Step 1

Browse or Search the corrupt Word files to be repaired

Step 2

Select the files and Click 'Start' to repair the files

Step 3

Specify the location and save the repaired Word files

Stellar Phoenix Word Repair Software


Stellar Phoenix Word Repair 5.0, one of the advanced Word repair utilities is helpful to repair and retrieve corrupt or damaged MS Word documents. This Word repair tool can repair all logical corruption of *.docx and *.doc files for which an user receives unexpected error messages. Stellar Phoenix Word Repair can repair corrupt Word files so that all your valuable office documents, academic/research projects, and other important personal as well as professional documents are never lost. Learn more...



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*Free Download is demo download of the product and offers preview of all the recoverable Word files using the software. Only those files viewed in preview are recoverable. For Recovering data you will have to purchase the software.

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Loaded with a range of features, this word repair software brings back corrupt Microsoft Word documents (in *.docx and *.doc formats) to their original state without ever hampering the integrity of the original data. You can repair corrupt Word file and save them at any location of your suitability in the hard drive.


While working with MS Word, several error messages often appear that indicate the corruption or damage of the Word file. Stellar Phoenix Word Repair successfully repairs Word file corruption. Some of the error messages include:

  • “Microsoft Word has encountered a problem & needs to close.”
  • “Winword caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Word.exe.”
  • “WINWORD.exe has generated an error...”
  • “Unable to connect to Microsoft Word.”


With a very interactive and user-friendly interface, the Word repair software provides preview of all the recoverable Word files. The various preview options include; 'Full Document view', 'Plain Text view', and 'Raw Text view'. The user-friendliness of the software enables you to repair Word files in few simple steps.



  • Repairs and recovers all MS Word documents and (*.docx and *.doc file formats).
  • Repairs and recovers MS Word documents.
  • Recovers text, font(color, size, name), images, hyperlinks, tables, bulleted lists, charts, drawings, etc. and restores the original formating of the document.
  • Recovers headers, sub-headers, footers, footnotes, if present.
  • Restores original formating of the Word document.
  • Interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Supports Word 2000, XP(2002), 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • Compatible with Windows NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Enables preview of recoverable files as Word Files, Filtered Text and Raw Text.
  • Live Update' feature to automatically updates the software with latest updates available.
  • Log report for further analysis
  • Preview of files available in demo version and full version
  • Actual recovery possible through free demo version for hands-on experience. However, need to register and activate the product for saving the repaired *.docx files.
  • Word repair have advanced and user friendly GUI.
  • Recovers comments, bookmarks, captions, fields, autoshapes and controls.
  • From Tool menu user can enable raw preview.



There are various reasons for which your MS Word file may get corrupt. Whatever be the cause, Stellar Phoenix Word Repair software repairs corrupt Word files and gets back your vital data.


  • A word file may get corrupt if a document is repeatedly converted from one format to another.
  • Infection by virus.
  • Using the 'Master Document Feature' may also cause MS Word file corruption.
  • Trying to save a document when resources (memory space) are low causes Word file corruption.
  • Any Word document based on a corrupt template can be the reason of Word file corruption.
  • A bad sector on the hard disk is also a reason for Word file corruption.



How can I repair corrupt Word files using this software?

Follow below mentioned steps to repair corrupt Word files.:


  • Open the software 'Stellar Phoenix Word Repair'
  • A window appears that allows you to 'Select' or 'Search' for the corrupt File, Folders to be repaired.
  • Select the Word file and click 'Open'.
  • A list of all the repairable Word files appear. Check mark the file/files and click the 'Add' button.
  • Now click on 'Start Repair' button.
  • In the left hand side of the interface, a list of all repaired files appear. Check mark the files and save them at the default location or any other location of your choice.


Is it possible to use Microsoft Word while using Stellar Phoenix Word Repair software?

No, Please close MS Word while running the software for better Word repair.

Can I repair corrupt Word documents using the Free Demo version of the software.

The Free Demo version of the software repairs corrupt Word files. However to actually save them, you need the register and purchase the license.

Is my original Word file replaced by the use of the Word repair software?

No, Stellar Phoenix Word Repair does not replaces the original Word file.